Calorie Calculator

This free calculator can help you determine how many calories you need daily. Your daily calorie needs are calculated using this calculator, which considers your age, gender, height, weight, and exercise degree.

Many variables, such as age, gender, height, weight, and amount of physical activity, might affect how many calories a person needs daily. See how it works.

1. Age: Generally, younger people need more calories than older people because of their faster metabolic rates.

2. Gender: Generally, men need more calories than women because they have more muscle and a greater metabolic rate.

3. Height and Weight: Those who are taller and heavier often need more calories than those who are shorter and lighter since it takes more energy for their bodies to maintain their size.

4. Daily Activity: More calories are needed to fuel the activity levels of people who exercise more.

After Knowing Your Current Calorie Intake

These calculations represent the approximate number of calories a person must eat daily to maintain their current weight. You can use this number to adjust your weight by increasing or decreasing it.

To Loss Weight – Many people want to reduce weight, and the simplest approach is frequently consuming fewer calories daily. 500 fewer calories consumed in just one week can result in a 450-gram weight loss.

To Increase Weight – If you want to put on weight, eating 500 extra calories a day will cause you to gain 450 grams of body weight weekly.